General Worship

What is worship? Some go to the English root of the word. But as worthy as that may be we are not dealing with English documents here. The root languages of the Biblical texts are either Greek,Hebrew or even Aramaic. I would suggest that if we wish to get closer to the original meaning that the Author intended we must look at the original texts in their original languages. Thats my choice of viewpoint anyway. Others may choose something else,eg Liverpudlian slang is the only way to understand these things...but that is not my choice.

In the Hebrew,according to Strongs, worship means to bow down.

So after a lot of messing about I finally got this file workings, and also have got access to Vines in Online Bible, as Olive Tree for me incomprehensible!

But it would seem that both Strongs and Vines agree on the meaning of worship. Ie it is to bow down. But this is from the Greek. But from the Hebrew in Strongs, the meaning is very similar, ie to bow down.