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21 Feb 2022

Critical decision making. From the course. This teacher,Prof Michael Roberto is a MBA and an DBA. That must mean something more than the “it will be right on the night” school of “thinking”. This course is fascinating for me as it looks into real world examples of good and bad decision making. Eg

1) Catastrophic Everest expeditions

2) Challenger shuttle

3) Columbia shuttle

4) Merx and FDA drug problems

5) And added by me,the Alec Baldwin debacle.

This time I am using a MBA/DBA professor’s arguments. This now is not a case of white supremacy,hate crime etc et al ad nauseum. This is more a question of making the right decisions and saving lives. And here in this course ,taught by a professor with MBA/DBA we are taught to challenge the “experts”, which must mean we may also challenge Prof Roberto too!